High Fuel Prices Driving Up Motorcycle, Scooter Sales

High gas prices appear to be "driving" up sales for some local businesses. We found out today many East Texans are inquiring about and buying new vehicles with pump prices in mind. KLTV 7 News found out about consumers' newest choice.

"I was spending about $300 a month on fuel," said Olan Loveless, who bought a motorcycle two weeks ago. Now that Loveless takes his motorcycle to work instead of his jeep, he says he expects to save $40 on gas every month.

Lone Star Harley-Davidson manager Leonard Newman says he's seen a surge in sales recently. "It's been a substantial increase in sales, partly because of the gas prices," said Newman.

Newman says a motorcycle costs anywhere between $7,300 to $32,000 and runs between 45 and 52 miles per gallon.

Businesses we spoke with say scooter sales are also up. "We were selling one to two a week. Now we're selling about four to five," said Scooter Pete's manager Denver Nixon.

He says a scooter can give you up to 100 miles per gallon. And at a cost of between $1,500 and $2,500, Nixon says, "It'll almost offset itself within a year." He says a trip to and from Dallas would cost you between $6 and $8.

Another popular pick is the hybrid car. An average Toyota Prius costs between $22,000 and $23,000. It runs between 51 and 60 miles per gallon. Classic Toyota consultant Andrew Bertrand says more and more people have been inquiring about the vehicle. "Anytime that the gas peaks, that's when you see everybody rushing in and try to get rid of anything that doesn't get good fuel economy," said Bertrand.

With gas prices fluctuating, it's a trend expected to continue.

Oralia Ortega reporting, ortega@kltv.com