Pittsburg Holds Five Day Bible Reading Event

The national day of prayer was observed regionally with an annual event in Pittsburg. Many faiths, and cultures came together in a show of belief and perseverance.

For the third straight year, at the prayer tower in Pittsburgh, the community took part in a five day continuous reading of the bible.

"We must be a people who are filled with peace and as far as my tradition goes , that peace can only come from god," said event organizer Kathleen Koeckler.

It was read 24 hours a day for five days, in numerous languages including Hebrew, Spanish and Dutch. Many saw the event as a way to prayer for the problems of our time.

"We are concerned and that our prayers are for this nation and the people and the circumstances now and everything," said reader Judy Jackson.

In that spirit, some used the time to pray about current events from the Moussaoui verdict.

"You've got a twelve person jury in there that's making that decision, and the question is did they put god first in that decision to make it," said Pittsburgh resident Ray Jackson.

To the immigrant question.

"I think its very important for us to value each individual as making a contribution to our society" says Koeckler.

More than 300 people took part in the reading. It concluded with closing ceremonies featuring music from local school kids, and a final prayer for the country. National day of prayer was officially established by congress in 1952.

More than a hundred people attended today's closing ceremonies in Pittsburg.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com