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Missing Arkansas Couple Found In Gilmer

  A elderly couple from Arkansas, both suffering from Alzheimers, are missing for two days, and the desperate search by relatives leads to east Texas.
  82 year old George Evans and his wife 81 year old Ruby, disappeared Tuesday morning. Family members say they were driving to a bank in North Little Rock. Around 6 this morning, someone spotted the couple's car around a field north of Gilmer; about 230 miles from Little Rock.
  Both George and Ruby were taken to ETMC in Gilmer, disoriented and badly dehydrated.
  "I'm very surprised, I didn't think my dad could drive this far, I'm going to find myself with his keys in my pocket from now on I don't think he'll be driving from now on" said son Addison Evans.
  The Evans are, now, in good condition,  but they're being kept in ETMC Gilmer overnight for observation. Their son says he'll take them home to Little Rock in the morning. The Evans' son drove to Gilmer as soon as he heard the news.

  Bob Hallmark reporting.

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