Jacksonville Releases Report On Suspended Police Chief

We have more details on an East Texas police department in trouble. Jacksonville Police Department released the details of the investigation into Chief Mark Johnson.

"I don't see how I have done anything to warrant this. I have basically given them my life to the city for the last 21 years. My heart and soul. I love what I do, I always will but this comes at a total shock," says Mark Johnson. That's what Chief Johnson told us last month after he was first put on suspension.

Today, the investigation results of his management were made public. The report said... "Chief Johnson failed to provide the necessary leadership and direction. And his deficiencies and poor performance are not correctable by training, counseling or any disciplinary action short of termination."

The report also explains Chief Johnson never did anything to fix the behavior of Patrol Lieutenant Swinney, saying Swinney managed by intimidation.

"The patrol division was brought up and this is an area we are going to look into and try to fix," says Mo Raissi, Jacksonville City Manager.

Finally, the report mentioned the arrest and grand jury indictment of Jacksonville Police Officer Larry Pugh. He has been charged with sexually assaulting three women while on duty. The report says... "Close and effective management and supervision can prevent such misconduct in many cases or at least enhance the possibility of detection at an early stage."

"The city and Chief Johnson have come to an agreement for him to step down as a chief and he will stay as a consultant with the city for the next couple of months until we get a new chief in place," says Raissi.

Raissi says the department is going through changes that will continue to take place over the next month. He told us the city has at least 2 lawsuits filed against the police department and Mark Johnson. We did speak with Mark Johnson, he told us he has received the report and will looking over it with his lawyer.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com