Thousands Attend Homeschool Conference, Draws International Attention

Dr. Bill Gothard is with the Advanced Training Institute.

Today, he said, "If you educate a person with his mind, but not morals, you educate a wise criminal. It's not just the academic, but it's the character."

That's the theme at ATI, the Advanced Training Institute which guides home educators. Thousands of them choose homeschooling so they can teach more than the ABC's.

Dean Witchnell says homeschooling his 3 boys has been wonderful.

"We've been able to give them a biblical foundation for life, because God and his word gives so much truth that applies to all life, and it's timeless," Witchnell said.

Some studies show homeschoolers consistently outperform students in public schools. Parents say it's because they focus first on character training.

Pam Nicolls is a home educators.

She said, "Once they get their character training, then you can educate them. Then they can learn."

Pam's husband, Boone, says that character gives their children a competitive edge in the job market later on.

Drug testing. Will you come to work on time? Are you honest? Those are character issues," Boone said.

A cadet program offers students a chance to socialize. It's sort of like Boy Scouts. But home schooler Bryan Witchnell said the thing they appreciate most is time with his parents.

"When you can tap into the resources that you have in your dad, and his friends, and in your mom, you come out with a lot more wisdom in the world."

Parents will spend 48 hours over the next few days learning to better educate their children, and investing in their lifelong success.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: