Belize Man Undergoes Life Changing Surgery In East Texas

A mission trip for one East Texas dentist gives a man from Belize a chance at a life changing procedure. Fortunately, one East Texas doctor volunteered to perform an uncommon, reconstructive head surgery on the man.

Three years ago Jeffrey Alverez, from Belize was in a car accident.

"I guess I flew out of the SUV and my head got hit hard," says Jeffrey Alverez.

After the accident and poor medical treatment, Jeffrey developed an infection. The infection grew and part of his skull was removed.

"My head was indented and didn't look too good," says Jeffrey.

His doctors could not do anything else for him.

"My wife and I cried in the hospital but I'm an optimistic person I told her we are going to get help and somehow we are going to get help," says Jeffrey.

He was able to get help in East Texas after meeting a dentist who happened to be on a mission trip in Belize.

"I told him about my condition, and said he could see what he could do. Thank God he found Dr. Jayson Teres," says Jeffrey.

Dr. Teres with Tyler Oral & Facial Surgery, agreed to perform his operation.

"We did two surgeries on Jeffrey. The first was putting in tissue expanders. You place those under the skin and we needed skin to cover his defect," says Dr. Teres.

The second surgery included reconstructing part of his skull. The left side is before the procedure, the right is after the surgery.

"I think we owe it as a profession. We are very blessed in what we do sometimes there are people that just can't get help and they need it. It's our obligation and when we took our oath to do this and we need to do that," says Dr. Teres.

"No words can explain how happy I am for this help that I have gotten from the people here it means the world to me," says Jeffrey.

Jeffrey says this surgery has changed his life, and through it all... This procedure was worth it.

Dr. Teres says Jeffrey will be able to go home as early as next week. Jeffrey says when he gets home, he's planning on spending time with his wife and daughter before going back to work.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.