Unplanned Protest Draws Hundreds To Downtown Tyler

Another day of demonstrations and boycotts take place locally and throughout the country all in the name of illegal immigration reform. This "Day Without Immigrants" was meant to illustrate how much the U.S. economy really depends on them. Immigrants and supporters skipped work, school and avoided stores.

Here in Tyler, hundreds turned out for an impromptu demonstration in the downtown square. Protesters hope lawmakers in Washington will take notice. "There were only eight people in the morning. Then, more and more started getting together," said Evelia Flores, 34. Flores is one of the hundreds who did not go to work today to take part in today's rally.

The protesters sported signs and waved the American flag. After gathering at the downtown square, the demonstrators marched to Super 1 Foods, then made their way back to downtown around 1:00 p.m. The protesters created a traffic jam, as they made their way down the streets of Tyler.

Protesters hope their absence from work, will be something felt throughout the country. "We want that Americans, the people in Congress listen to Hispanics who do not have papers to legalize us," said Tizoc Olivares, 28, who's been in the U.S. illegally for six years.

Everyone we spoke with said, losing a day of work will be hard on their budget. But in the long run, they say, it's a small price to pay. "I don't care that much because I'm hoping with this, they give us our papers," said Flores.

"I think that we have to support each other. Since we're all Hispanics, we have to help each other out so that things can change," said Jose Juan Colorado, 38, of Mexico. A change they hope, is in the near future.

Oralia ortega reporting, ortega@kltv.com