East Texas Immigrants Show Support For National Boycott

Many East Texas immigrants supported a national boycott by not going to work. Immigrants are hoping today's rallies across the country convince lawmakers to allow most illegal immigrants to stay in the country, work, and apply for legal residence.

"It's a show of solidarity so that they see that Latinos are together for them to see the difference. For example, with this boycott today, they will see the decrease and they will see what happens to their economy in one day," said Antonio Mesa, 19, who did not go to work today.

"There are black people, white people who do not work, who live off the government. Where is that money coming from? From Mexicans, from those who work," said Moses Hernandez, 41.

Everyone we spoke with said their boss knew they would take part in the protest and most were supportive of that decision. As far as student attendance, TISD says it had 2,000 students out today, compared to nearly 900 last Monday.

Oralia Ortega reporting, ortega@kltv.com