Troup Police Department Reopens

There's fresh striping on the police cruisers, and new uniforms with new patches. It's an extreme makeover of sorts, for a department with a badly tarnished image.

Newly appointed Police Chief Pat Hendrix said, "I just wanted a new fresh look. This is a new police department, with a new chief, and new police officers."

Three brand new officers, got their badges this morning, then, they took the keys to their units, and headed out for duty.

"The public is going to be skeptical, and the only way we can regain their trust is with time. Doing what we say we're going to do. Protecting them, and answering their calls and their questions," said Hendrix.

Those who live here say they're glad to have local police back on the street. They just hope the new department learned from the mistakes of the old one.

Troup resident Toimu Reeves said, "I would hope that the new administration coming in would realize that the things that happened in the past, should be guidelines for him."

Troup resident Bill Lacy said, "Since, I'm the branch manager of one of the local banks, it is imperative that we do have a police department around just to make sure that we have prevention of crime, and if there is crime, that we get it solved."

Hendrix says rebuilding the department from the ground up will be challenging, but that's the reason he took the job, and he has no plans to let the city down.

The department will hire one more officer this week, and hopefully a fifth by October. Hendrix says they will begin looking at old cases, to see if any of them need to be reinvestigated.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: