Proud Of East Texas: "Bubba Jean's"

Close to a thousand people a day come to "Bubba Jean's Restaurant" in Malakoff to dine on seafood, steak and all the trimmings. Although the customers agree that the food is great and the price more than reasonable, they say that the owner himself is a special draw.

Bubba Jean Pogue is as colorful as the food he serves. Although he's a native Dallasite, Bubba Jean is as Cajun as his menu. His passion has always been cooking and time spent working in New Orleans introduced him to Cajun food.

Bubba Jean personally greets his customers with hugs and he rarely forgets a name. The restaurant has the atmosphere of a family reunion with Bubba Jean hopping from table, greeting and hugging. It's a combination that has spelled success from the restaurant's opening last September. "Bubba Jean's" is opened every day of the week but Tuesdays. Call 903-489-3474 for information and reservations.

Joan Hallmark reporting,