Ethanol Stills Offered On Internet

Some in Longview are skeptical about "ethanol stills" being offered on the Internet. As gas prices soar, is there any relief for gas customers? Now available on the Internet, Ethanol stills, complete with cooking recipes, you can brew your own fuel at home. For about 75 cents a gallon. Researchers say ethanol is economically produced and is a clean alternative.

"We're going to do 2 things by dong that first we're going to save on our energy costs, second we're going to save money but have cleaner emissions that the fossil fuels" said independent alternative fuel researcher Duel Glass.

But others say it needs more study.

"It all sounds real good but I think those are some areas that a lot of research a lot of education needs to be poured into" said Gregg county ag extension agent Dennis Smith.

Some were not too keen on having to work their own stills, in this age of convenience. The main ingredient in ethanol is corn, but be carful you don't overcook it, you could get arrested. Over cook it , and you make moonshine. The "stills" can refine up to 5 gallons of corn based fuel, that engines can burn in a 50-50 mix with regular gas.

  Brazil even mass refines Ethanol from sugar cane, selling it much cheaper than gasoline. The cost of the complete Ethanol Still kits we found on the Internet today, around 14 hundred dollars, plus $60.00 shipping.

Bob Hallmark reporting.