Gas Prices Force East Texans To Make Drastic Changes

The average gas price in East Texas is around $2.81. Last April gas prices were just under $2.00. In the past couple of days we have received several e-mails from you, saying you've had to make drastic changes to accommodate the cost of fuel.

Sheila Earhart and her husband live in Liberty City. She's unable to work because of lower back problems. Her husband works 25 miles away, and he can't drive because he recently suffered a heart attack.

"I drive 100 miles back and forth," said Sheila. "Two 50 mile round trips. It's something that I have to do in order for him to work, so we can have a house over our head." Last January, the couple bought a more fuel efficient car, but since then the amount they spend every week on gas has doubled.

"It cost us $24.00 to fill the tank up twice a week and now it costs, with this last gas hike, it costs us $40.00, twice a week," said Sheila. To keep track of just how much she spends on gas, Sheila keeps every receipt, but with gas prices not going down anytime soon Sheila says she and her husband have considered moving closer to his work.

"We've checked out the rentals over there close to his work and they're, it's $250.00 more a month than we pay here," said Sheila. Sheila and her husband got married three years. She says she wants to visit her family in California, but can't afford to.

"I've never been able to introduce him to my mom and dad, or to my son, and I'm really close to my family," said Sheila. "The gas prices are keeping families from being able to be with one another and it's not right."

If you want to know how much gas in your community costs go to our homepage and click on the Know More on 7 link. Then go to Gas Prices In Your Area. There you'll find the lowest, highest and average gas prices where you live, and a map of all the gas stations.

Molly Reuter, reporting.