Congress Struggles To Respond To Public Anger Over High Gas Prices

Washington lawmakers are scrambling to let you know they feel your pain at the pump, but the experts say there's little they can do to cut gas prices right now.

Republicans and Democrats in both houses have been promising, among other things, to roll back (b) billions of dollars in tax breaks they've given to the big oil companies. But a vote in the House yesterday seemed to move in the opposite direction. The Republican majority defeated a proposal to support the Senate in repealing five (b) billion dollars in tax benefits.

Senate Republicans have come up with a ten-point plan that includes hundred-dollar rebates for hard-pressed motorists. But the plan would also let oil drillers dip into a wildlife refuge in Alaska, which could doom it.

Acknowledging voter anger, New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez says while oil companies are popping champagne and celebrating record profits, American families are popping antacids.

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