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Man Arrested, Believed Responsible In Construction Site Thefts

  The Smith County Sheriff's Department arrest a man today for stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment and materials from construction sites. The sheriff's department say a 30-year-old Hispanic male living in Tyler is responsible for taking items from multiple construction sites and keeping them at his home. Deputies say they received a call from someone who saw his black truck at a construction site. Today the sheriff's department loaded 90 bundles of shingles, several chain saws, windows and doors onto trailers. Deputies even found appliances behind the man's house.

  "This is very big," said Lieutenant Larry Wiginton, Smith County Sheriff's Department. "These builders, this is costing them a lot of money. This is something that they needed real bad, so we don't have anymore of these." The sheriff's department says the suspect was selling the materials and used some to add onto his house. The man will be charged with burglary of habitation, but deputies say more charges could follow.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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