Immigrant Rights Rally Set For Longview

Gregg County Commissioners have given permission for a weekend immigration rally, ending at the county courthouse. Organizers got permission this morning for the protest. The rally is to show opposition to a bill which would make illegal immigration a felony. A similar rally in Tyler two weeks ago drew more than one thousand protestors. The man organizing the rally says in spite of "nay-sayers", protesting is the right of "all" people.

"Some anti-immigrant protestors were saying well these people are here illegally they don't have the right to protest, well that's not correct under the first amendment, the constitution states people have the right to assemble , it doesn't say U-S citizens it doesn't say residents, it says people" said Longview attorney and rally organizer Jose Sanchez.

The rally will be held at the Gregg County Courthouse steps this Sunday at 2 p-m.

Bob Hallmark reporting.