Life Prison Term In Longview Murder Case

A dramatic ending to a Longview murder trial, as an East Texas 17 year old is sentenced to life in prison. Jurors convicted "Daniel Massie" today on capitol murder charges for kidnapping and stabbing 17-year old Joshua Petrea last may. Prosecutors said Massie and three others kidnapped Petrea because he made advances towards Massie's girlfriend. Before the sentencing, Massie showed no emotion as Petrea's mother addressed her son's killer.

"You destroyed your own life, your families lives, our community. Joshua was a good kid! I'm going to tell you something, one day you will care, one day you will care! you're going to stand before god on judgement day" said Carole Petrea.

One of Massie's accomplices, 16 year old Ricardo Cortez, is also serving a life sentence for Joshua's Petrea's murder. Charges are still pending against 20-year old "Terry Eugene Landry", and 16 year old "Maria Sanchez". Bob Hallmark reporting.