FREE Health Screenings ETMC First Physicians Clinic

Help us celebrate 10years of caring for families at South Broadway Since 1996.

ETMC South Broadway has offered an outstanding group of family medicine physicians conveniently located in South Tyler .

FREE Health Screenings ETMC First Physicians Clinic
6210 South Broadway Saturday, May 6th 8 a.m. until noon
Enjoy refreshments, balloons, giveaways and free health screenings:
• Cholesterol & glucose checks
• Blood pressure checks
• Body composition testing Reservations are required.

Call 1-800-648-8141 and press 2 to reserve your screening time. Please fast to ensure testing accuracy. No food or drinks (except water and black coffee) after midnight . Please continue to take all prescribed medications. Hornell A not-for-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life in East Texas communities.

One with East Texas .