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Airbrush Makeup Comes To East Texas

High Definition Airbrush Make-up is not just for celebrities anymore. More and more people are having the Hollywood makeup style done for special events like weddings and prom. Tammy Greene has been doing people's make-up for more than 20 years. Last year, she was introduced to Dinair, a brand of airbrush makeup used by professional makeup artists all over the country.

"This is much quicker, much faster," said Green, Airbrush Artists at "It's much more hygienic. You don't use the same brush on the same person, or little sponges." Today, Tammy airbrushed KLTV 7 News reporter Molly Reuter.

"See that spot right there," said Greene. "We are going to get rid of it." To start with, Tammy covered all my blemishes. Then came the color, and it only took a couple of drops of the liquid makeup. Tammy says the makeup will stay on for 12 hours, and it won't come off on your clothes.

"It doesn't go into your pores," said Greene. "It actually lays on top of your skin and that's why you get such a pretty coverage. This lets the beauty of the person and the person's skin actually come through while covering any flaws they have." It's a makeup that's said to leave you glowing for hours, and makes you feel like a movie star.

The airbrush makeup is easy to take off. Just use your normal facewash. It costs about $40.00 to get your face airbrushed. Tammy says by the end of the year you will be able to buy your own airbrush kit.

Molly Reuter, reporting.

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