Several Restaurants Have Significant Violations

Paco's Mexican Restaurant at 2610 S. Main in Lindale was inspected April 13.

Cooked products cooled to 42-45 degrees. Milk in cooler at 61 degrees; should be 41 degrees or below. Products on steam line were not properly reheated. Bare hand contact of food without sanitizer. Raw meats stored over other products. Flies were seen in kitchen. Dish machine not sanitizing.

Total demerits: 30.

On a recheck: April 24, flies were still present. Dirty utensils noted. Total demerits: 10. No further recheck ordered.

Pop's Honey Fried Chicken at 802 N. Main in Lindale was inspected March 14.

Cold hamburger tested at 77-83 degrees. Potato salad and coleslaw at 50-51 degrees; should be 41 degrees or below. Chicken and rice tested at 99-109 degrees. Beef at 120 degrees; should be 140 degrees or above. Improper handwashing noted. Raw pork stored over cooked beef in cooler. No hand sink in kitchen area.

Total demerits: 27.

Recheck: March 17. No Certified Food Manager permit. Total demerits: 3. No further recheck ordered.

Cap Ranch Steakhouse and Grill at 322 ESE Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected March 27.

Products in cooler from 47-53 degrees; should be 41 degrees or below. Products were thrown out. Employee handling plated food with bare hands. No hand sanitizer at sinks. Dish machine not sanitizing. Rodent dropping found on floors and utensils. Total demerits: 27.

Recheck: April 12. Improper cool down and reheating procedures noted. Total demerits: 13. No further recheck ordered.

Elvira's Restaurante at 212 E. Fifth in Tyler was inspected April 5.

Cooked cactus in reach-in cooler at 51 degrees; should be 41 degrees or below. Beans at 125 degrees; should be 135 degrees or above. Raw meats stored above produce. No soap or towels at sink.

Total demerits: 24. Recheck not yet on file.

Luby's Cafeteria at 200 Rice Road in Tyler Was inspected March 28.

Chicken, pasta improperly cooled down. Products were discarded. Improper or inadequate handwashing noted. Raw chicken and fish stored over cooled foods. Mouse found on glue trap in storage room. Plates not clean. Total demerits: 23. No recheck ordered.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.