President Bush Orders Investigation Into Gasoline Markets

President Bush is speaking  is calling for an investigation into possible price gouging.Up 13 cents in just the last week his call to action comes just as his approval ratings hit new lows.But for now, consumers are on their own.

The people at the pump blame the politicians, the politicians blame each other and oil companies. On that score, the people seem to agree.  While they fume and finger-point, drivers still need to figure out how to pay for that next fill-up.

Fifty percent for the commuter trains in Salt Lake City and the Washington D.C Metro saw two of its top-ten busiest days ever in the past week. Across the country, some drivers are taking more a more extreme step, pawning to pump. They are selling off chain saws, musical instruments, and guns.  Now, some are calling for an economic revolt. The idea, everyone cuts down on driving , which cuts down demand for gas, which cuts down prices.