Jury To Begin Deliberating Moussaoui's Fate Today

Closing arguments are set for this morning in the death-penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.

The jury will then begin deliberating whether to sentence Moussaoui to death or life in prison.

Moussaoui's court-appointed lawyers have argued he is mentally ill. They say he overstated his involvement in Nine-Eleven because he wants to achieve martyrdom through execution.

Testimony ended last week after the government conceded there's no evidence to support Moussaoui's claim that he and shoe bomber Richard Reid were to team up in a hijacking on Nine-Eleven.

The jury earlier this month found that Moussaoui is eligible for execution because his actions caused at least one death on September eleventh.

Though Moussaoui was in jail that day, the jury ruled that lies he told federal agents when he was arrested a month earlier on immigration violations allowed the plot to go forward.

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