KLTV NFL Analyst Shares Blue Collar Laughs

Friday down in Austin, several NFL stars, comedians and other celebrities gathered for the Lone Star Golf Classic.

It included a little blue collar comedy. Comedian Bill Engvall of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was host of the event.

More than 200 people participated including KLTV NFL Analyst Eric Williams who has known Bill for years and talked with him about everything from being a Texas Longhorns fan living in Los Angeles, to the dollar store.

"One of the things that gives me great pride is to walk around with my 'Ever 'Horn Has Its Rose T-shirt,'" Engvall said of living in California. "I have my Texas flag flying in my yard and all my neighbors hate me and I' don't care."

"What is this used for?" Engvall asked picking up a golf tee. "They're all over the course!"

"East Texas, you walk on water out there," Eric said to Bill. "At the dollar store, you have half of their video library."

"I'm in the dollar store now?" Bill questioned. "It used to be the $19 DVD now, it's right up there with chud."

Jokes aside it was all for a good cause. Proceeds from the tournament benefit the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation.

Maya Golden reporting