Everson Walls Still A Dallas Cowboy At Heart

During the early 80's, he was Mr. Defense for the Dallas Cowboys: number 24, Everson Walls.

The former all-pro cornerback was in East Texas Friday night for Jarvis Christian College's athletic banquet.

He is a four time pro-bowler, led the league in interceptions for three seasons and Everson Walls was the link that helped the New York Giants win a Super Bowl in 1990.

"The things that I did in the pros, those are the things I always did in high school and it became natural from day one."

It was all pretty good for someone who never even played football until his senior year of high school.

"Football was the furthest thing from my mind," Everson said. "But when the opportunity came, I asked the coach if I could play. It it seems like I was kind of made for it."

He grew up watching the Cowboys, lived not far from their practice field. He spent his rookie season and eight more with the team he idolized.

"All the guys I was playing with, they were my heroes growing up."

Signing autographs and meeting fans still starry eyed at his presence, Everson reflected on a career that included seasons under two coaching legends, Tom Landry and Bill Parcells.

"I was young enough and bold enough to tell Bill Parcells that I was all he needed to win that Super Bowl. I told him that the first time I met him."

Everson enjoyed NFL success at cornerback, like few before him, but Friday night, he wanted to pass along a special message to the next generation of pro athletes.

"There's no manual on success in life or in sports," Everson said. "Be ready to adapt all the times. Approaching the game from a mental standpoint, approaching life from a mental standpoint."

Maya Golden reporting