LeTourneau Golfer Fighting Battle On And Off The Course

An East Texas golfer is living proof of what dedication and a positive attitude can do, even in the face of some major obstacles.

Twenty-one-year-old Christian Sarran heads to the course each day with all right equipment. His bag, his clubs and his insulin.

"I'm insulin dependent," he explained. "I usually take a shot before each meal."

Christian has Type I Diabetes. He was diagnosed just three years ago, news that came as a shock to this competitive athlete.

"When I first got it, I thought my life is over, I just can't do what I used to," he said.

But, Christian kept going.

"I don't see myself any different than anyone else does."

He is not sure how he developed diabetes saying it may be a combination of genetics and stress. But, he is sure of one thing. He does not let it slow him down.

This spring, he won his first college tournament. For years he's placed in the top five and was all American Southwest Conference. For a collegiate golfer, that can be tough.

"Thirty-six holes, you would walk probably 10 to 12 miles carrying a 20 pound bag of weight on your back," Coach Andy Woodring explained of the physical impact. "(You swing) a golf club 200 to 300 times with practice swings."

"I've had some moments where it's affected my play at times," Christian said. "It's cost me a couple of strokes and even a tournament at one point."

Christian said he wants other diabetic athletes to know, taking care of yourself and monitoring how you feel can keep you competing in the sports you love.

"Being medicated made me stronger physically as well as mentally."

Christian and his teammates will play in the conference tournament Monday, April 24, at Pine Dunes in Frankston.

Maya Golden reporting

, mgolden@kltv.com