Nashville Star Casey Rivers Comes Home

He's made it to the top four in the hit reality show Nashville Star, and for the first time in two months, Lindale native Casey Rivers is getting set to perform for his hometown fans. When you drive through Lindale, it's easy to see what's on the town's mind...Casey Rivers.

"Lindale always supports our hometown people and since he's from here that's what we wanted to do," said Nina Bryan, hometown fan. Workers at Bonnie's Salon have Casey Fever and say every Tuesday when the show airs, they wear their Casey Rivers t-shirts.

"Casey is a very honest person and he stays true to himself," said Bryan. "That's what keeps him around." Across the street at Lindale State Bank hometown fans are talking about Casey.

"I notarized his papers to be on Nashville Star," said Dealva Waters who works at the bank. "I told him if he made it famous he had to come back and give me an autograph."

"I don't have cable or satellite, so it's being taped for me every week, and I watch it religiously," said Sherry Cling, hometown fan. Casey's fans say he's doing great, but know he has some tough competition.

"Chris Young, he's just good," said Waters. "He's really good."

"Singing ability, maybe Chris, but again Casey still has the voice that Chris doesn't have," said Bryan. Casey is only home for a day, long enough to drive through town and see all the support.

"I've been staying around my hometown for awhile and everybody's always been so accepting of me and what I want to do and always been there for me, but to see it when you come home you know the big signs and stuff, it's amazing," said Casey Rivers, Nashville Star Contestant. For Casey, there is no place like home, and that's Lindale, Texas.

Tonight Casey will be singing in a sold out concert benefiting a local hospital. Tomorrow morning he heads back to Nashville to get ready for the next show, which airs Tuesday night on the USA Network.

Molly Reuter, reporting.