Longview Police Investigate Woman's Homicide

A gruesome discovery early this morning in Longview.  A woman's body is found lying in the road. It was around 1:45 in the morning, police found a 41-year-old white female's body along interstate-20 near Eastman road.

"Once we got there, EMS was on scene, but she didn't make it," said Sergeant Shawn Pendleton of the Longview Police Department.

A passing motorist made the grisly discovery of the woman's body and notified police.  What they don't know is whether she was killed here, or killed somewhere else and her body was dumped here.

"We didn't even know who she was.  She didn't have any identification on her.  We had to get her fingerprints and run them through the automated fingerprint identification system," Pendleton said.

Police have not released the victim's name because they can't find any relatives in East Texas. The news had those who work in the area worried about yet another violent crime on the south side.

"It's scary. It makes you worry what happened because we haven't got all the details of what happened, makes you worry about coming to work," said area restaurant worker Betty Burns.

There were a number of people working at nearby convenience stores at the time, but no one saw how the woman's body came to be in the intersection.

"This is going to be a tough one. We'll see if we can figure out who she was last seen with," said Pendleton.

The body was sent to Tyler for an autopsy to determine how the victim died.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.