Families Of 9/11 Victims Testify For Moussaoui

More relatives of people who died on Nine-Eleven are set to testify today on behalf of Zacarias Moussaoui (zak-uh-REE'-uhs moo-SOW'-ee).

Those who testified yesterday said they didn't want to succumb to feelings of revenge.

Moussaoui's lawyers hope this testimony will counter the emotional impact of nearly four dozen witnesses who gave heartbreaking testimony for prosecutors about the impact of the attacks.

Witnesses aren't allowed to give an opinion on whether Moussaoui should get the death penalty or life in prison.

But the defense witnesses made their feelings clear.

Marilynn Rosenthal's son died in the World Trade Center. She says her family does not want to "get caught in a whirlpool of sadness and anger."

One man who emotionally told of reconnecting with his father two years before the attacks said he can't be vengeful and still have an open heart.

Some Nine-Eleven families didn't approve of the decision to testify for Moussaoui.

The sister of the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon said she found it "deeply disturbing."

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