Soldier Gives Thanks To Tyler Jaycees

Few things mean more to a soldier, than what the American flag stands for. Tonight, a soldier presented a very special flag to the Tyler Jaycee's.

PFC Ryan Krumblis told the group, "Whenever somebody reenlists in a warzone, they sign they're deal, and take the oath in front of this flag."

It's a way to say thanks for the Christmas gifts that arrived last Decemeber.

Tyler Jaycee Community Vice-President Cathie Ashby said, "We packed about 15 boxes full of goodies, from stamps to paper, pens, snack foods, handheld games, DVD's. Anything that we figured we could fit in the boxes."

"When we recieved these gifts from the Tyler Jaycees, it was a big moment, to kind of step back, and take a couple of hours out, and be civilians, and kind of enjoy ourselves on Christmas," Krumblis said.

He and his platoon spend about 18 hours a day, patrolling neighborhoods in Mosul, looking for insurgents. He says it can be a thankless job, but it's paying off.

"We have brought in more detainees than any other brigade in Iraq in the last fiscal year. We in our platoon, have brought down at least three cell leaders, and as a company we've brought down 18 or 19 full cells."

Ryan's work in Iraq is not over yet. He'll return in a few weeks, and stay there until next August. He says gestures like the one the jaycees made, help soldiers feel support from back home.

The Jaycees say they plan to use the flag in their meetings for the Pledge Of Allegiance.  They will also fly it at their 4th of July fireworks display.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: