Gift of Love: Alexis, Outgoing 7 Year Old

Alexis likes animals. So a trip to the Tyler Caldwell Zoo is one of her favorite outings. Looking up at me she says, "I wish I was a cheetah because they're really fast."

Alexis is an outgoing 7 year old who never meets a stranger. Despite being placed in foster care about three years ago, she's a confident little girl. "She will answer any question asked of her in class. I think it's more of the fact that her own self esteem is pretty high and she's very motivated," says Patty Osborn with Child Protective Services.

This second grader is also inquisitive asking, "What's in here?" as she points at a snake exhibit. Patty says, "Alexis is very bright. Her teachers say she makes A's and B's. The teachers like her. She has a lot of friends. She's just an all around good kid."

A good kid, who likes to sing. She entertained us with a shorten version of "We're All In This Together."

Although Alexis is a happy young girl, reality is she's still just a child. "I can never stop thinking about my mommy or my daddy," she says.

But she's not afraid of a new family or the future. "I really want a nice family that I never get taken away from."

Alexis hopes her forever family lives in the country. She says with a smile, "I want to be a cowgirl because I like to ride horse and I like to ride bulls and stuff."

It's been a long journey for Alexis and she's hoping the Gift of Love is right around the corner. "Because they might think I'm really nice and stuff and that's why they might want to adopt me," says Alexis.

If you'd like to know more about Alexis, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.