Dirty Conditions, Bad Hygiene Problems at Some, Others Get Perfect Marks

Rancho El Jaripeo at 803 S. Dickinson in Rusk was inspected March 6.

Beef was at 115 degrees; it should be 140 degrees or hotter. Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food without using sanitizer was noted. Raw beef was touching raw chicken. Towels were needed and insect spray was stored incorrectly.  Also, a vent hood needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 29.

On a recheck: April 5, pork on a grill was at 135 degrees; it should be 140 degrees or hotter.  An open beverage container was seen in the kitchen. Hand sanitizer was needed, and a vent hood needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 19. No further recheck ordered.

Panda Café at 1664 S. Jackson in Jacksonville was inspected March 16.

Chicken was sitting out at 57-61 degrees; it should be 41 degrees or below.  Dirty cloths were used to wipe cooking surfaces. Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods without sanitizer was noted. Numerous flies were seen around a trash can. Also, a reach-in cooler and other surfaces needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 22.  A recheck has been ordered, but is not yet on file.

Cherokee Country Club at 14881 Highway 79 in Jacksonville was inspected April 11.

Fish filets and buttermilk were at 47-52 degrees; they should be 41 degrees or below.  Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods without using hand sanitizer was noted. Ice machine and mixer needed cleaning as well.

Total demerits: 19. No recheck ordered.

One Cherokee County restaurant had no demerits, a perfect score:

The perfect score goes to:

Jack In The Box 
1329 S. Jackson

In Henderson these restaurants had no demerits:

918 Highway 79 North

500 Highway 79 North

Snowflake Bakery
522 Highway 79 South

405 Highway 79 South

Taco Bell
300 Highway 79 South

Subway inside Wal-Mart
2121 Highway 79 South

Frank 'N Burger
1339 Highway 79 North

(All reports provided under Texas open records laws by the Cherokee County Health Department and the City of Henderson)