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Officials Urge Fire Awareness In Longview

       With the prospect of dry conditions and blistering temperatures for spring and summertime, Longview fire officials are warning homeowners to take steps to lessen the risk of fires.

    "We need to start preparing now for those months ahead so we're not caught off guard, and we're going into our summer months where its really dry" said Longview Assistant Fire Marshal Mark Moore.

      A brutally dry East Texas winter caused hundreds of acres of wildfires and destroyed homes along the way. That's why this spring and summer, fire marshals want homeowners to help reduce the fire risk on their property.

     "You want to maintain a break between your house and this vegetation these fuels, that's actually what they are fuels" Moore says.

      The danger is more prevalent for those who live off the beaten path. A fire break, cut 6 to 12 feet wide in a perimeter around home or land, could stop a fire dead in its tracks, and can be done with a tractor of just a mower.

    "We're building house out in rural areas where we still have a lot of trees, if you have a tree right on your property and we have wildfire , the chances of that house being consumed are great" says Moore.

     Keep everything away from the side of a home, leaves, storage cans, garbage , hoses, remove anything that can burn, and keep the risk to a minimum.

Bob Hallmark reporting.


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