State Top Shot Putter Holds Future, Olympic Dreams In Her Hand

She is the best in the state and hopes to one day become the best in the world. John Tyler shot putter Frednisha Marshall is number one in her sport and dreams of representing her country some day.

"I know where I want to go and I can't waste time," Frednisha said.

In just over two years the best athletes in the world will invade Beijing, China for the summer Olympic games. If Frednisha gets her wish, she'll be right there with them.

"I have from June this year, I have two years to add 20 feet to my throw," shes said. "So, I want everybody to pray for me so I can reach it."

A senior at John Tyler, she's already close to that goal. The number one shot putter in the Texas and as a high school athlete has already thrown an amazing 46 feet and six and a half inches.

"I've been focusing on the numbers instead of practicing this year. That's how I've been able to go so far. I'm feeling a fifty today, I have to throw a 50 today."

She began in the seventh grade out of pure curiosity. She has gone on to win more than 50 medals. Her days are spent at school and inside a 6 by 6 space.

"Training is everyday. Even if you are not training, you are at rest for training the next day. You have to be dedicated to it."

"She works hard," said Coach Barbara Collins. "She's worked harder this year than she ever has before and I think it's finally showing off."

And yes, the shot put is as hard as it looks. The shot is about eight and a half pounds, no problem right?

"It does wear down your knees, they'll get tired so you have to have extra support and maybe your shoulder," Frednisha explained.

Frednisha's Olympic dreams are very much alive and she knows she holds her future in her hands.

"Just knowing that you can throw it the farthest," she said, "it gives you pride."

Frednisha will continue her quest towards the Olympics at Stephen F. Austin University next year. But she's got some unfinished high school business with the state title. She competes in regionals next weekend.

Maya Golden reporting