Woman Gets Probation In Connection With Drowning

Jimmy Duncan is Anthony's uncle. He says he loved Anthony like a son, and can't believe the woman responsible for his death, 55 year old Emma Williams,  won't serve any jail time.

"I was kind of let down, because you know, I figured the justice system would prevail, but it just don't seem like justice was totally served," Duncan said.

Joe Black, Harrison County District Attorney says he's satisfied with the sentence, because he believes the drowning was an accident.

"No facts that we had seemed to reflect that there was any intentional act on behalf of  Miss Williams. Even to the extent, when she found the child, she called for emergency assistance, and attempted to perform CPR on the child until such time that emergency personnel got there to help," Black said.

Cynther Jones doesn't believe that. Her daughter, Destiny was placed in Williams home two months before Anthony, and was there the day of the drowning. Time stamped photos taken the very next day, show bruises on the child's legs and back. She says for two months leading up to the drowning, she reported bruises to CPS. She says nothing was ever done.

"They're responsible. If they had just gotten on top of this, when I was making these reports, the other four would not have been jeopardized," Jones said.

Sherry Pulliam with CPS says the agency did investigate one complaint filed by Miss Jones. They found the marks on the child were old, and not inflicted by Williams. Pulliam says, as for the photographs...those were taken by CPS workers.

"We did note that there were some inappropriate discipline applied to that child, but it was the one and only time, and it was found when the child was taken from Mrs. Williams home after the boy drowned," Pulliam said.

CPS says they turned the evidence over to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.  The department could not be reached to see if there is an ongoing investigation.

CPS also says only one percent of all abuse cases happen in foster care, but Anthony's family says he was more than a statistic. He's a little boy, whose life ended too soon.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com