Judge To Hear Case For Holding New Detainee In Holloway Case

A judge in Aruba is due to hear more details from law officials before deciding if there's enough reason to keep a 19-year-old in custody in the Natalee Holloway case.

Aruban authorities haven't offered any details so far other than the young man's initials, G.V.C.

A lawyer for Dutch teen Joran van der Sloot (YOHR'-uhn VAN'-dur-sloht), who had earlier been jailed as a suspect in the case, says the new arrest stems from "forensic information" from a shirt.

His father tells The Associated Press van der Sloot doesn't know the newly arrested teen "at all."

The missing Alabama 18-year-old was last seen with van der Sloot and two brothers from Suriname. All three were jailed earlier in the case.

A lawyer for the two brothers says he's not sure if they knew the detainee. But he says there's "no evidence" his clients were involved in Holloway's disappearance.

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