Soldier Home In Time For Easter

For several decades now, the yellow ribbon has been a symbol of support for our troops during war-times. Today, in Tyler, a family got to take down their yellow ribbon because their loved one has finally returned from his tour in Afghanistan.

They told KLTV 7, the homecoming makes this Easter particularly special.  A yellow ribbon's been hanging in honor of Staff Sergeant Chris Gill since he left for active duty more than a year ago. Today, his family took it down. "I've been gone for 13 months now, so it was just good to have it off. and have that part over. I really enjoyed everything I did there. It was an experience I'll never forget and one that I would do again in a minute. But it's good to be back, and getting back to normal," said Chris.

He says signs of progress can be seen all over Afghanistan and he's proud to be a part of it. "Men can walk around and shave their beard, and not worry about being killed if they want to. The women can show their faces, and don't have to wear a berka all the time, and they're doing it," said Chris.

Tina Gill, Chris' wife, and 15-year-old daughter, Ashlee, say they have worried non-stop for the past year. "There were weeks, where I didn't know where he was, because he was in a bunker, cause he was getting shot at," said Tina.

"I cried a lot. I cried when he left. I cried when he came home. It was just very emotional, cause I'm a daddy's girl and he was leaving me," said Ashlee.

Chris hurt his knee while he was overseas, and was finally discharged Tuesday. "I cannot believe that it's finally over. It seems longer than a year, that it's been a lifetime, waiting for him to get home," said Tina.

The ribbon is gone now and in its place a sign of gratitude that says thanks for your prayers and support.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,