Recording Studio Opens In Longview

A new business opening in Longview could make East Texas a major player in the music recording industry. It's a state of the art facility, and the owner of Auburn Music Group says his new business could mean big business for East Texas.

"What we have here is a state of the art digit design D-channel gold control room. The attraction for me is living here is it's not Los Angeles or Nashville. You've got a good community to back you up. You don't have to travel hours. You don't have to fly, don't have to worry about taking gear," says owner Steve Auburn.

Auburn is an accomplished musician, a former fiddler for Neal McCoy's band, and says custom-made instruments and a state of the art recording studio will bring artists of all talent levels to Longview. "We can bring in a beginner who happens to sing a song his wife likes and she'd like to have a copy of it, all the way to a full production choir," Auburn says.

Already local musicians are putting the store on the radar! "It's about time man. I'm a solo artist in the area. I'm trying to get a record deal so I'm playing everywhere I can," said local musician John Hvezdos.

The advantage for would-be stars, they don't have to travel to Los Angeles or Nashville to make a professional recording. "This place is great, looks real great. You know, it's right here in Longview. We don't have to go to Nashville to record anything. We can do it right here," said Longview songwriter Anthony Riley.

Auburn says it's his chance to make his dream and someone else's come true. "I've always been a musician. I'll always be a musician. But now I want to be the person who takes music and gives it to people and plants that seed and watch it grow," he says.

The opening was accented by a free concert on site given by Neal McCoy.

Bob Hallmark reporting,