Longview Hotel Increases Security For Customers

Workers at a Longview hotel are taking it upon themselves to put a stop to violence in their area. Less than a month after three shootings in Longview, new security steps are being taken to make the hotel and it's guests safe and secure. Seeing crime escalating on Longviews south side, owners and managers of the Contessa Inn on highway 31 decided to take measures to make guests feel safe.

"They had shootings, people dealing drugs all kinds of nonsense going on, we monitor everything that goes on here we watch them from the time they come to the property to the time they leave" said hotel manager Shawn Harvey.

They put thousands of dollars into security cameras and security gates to limit access to the property and keep watch at all times. Owner Myrtis Wilson took a proactive approach, scrutinizing would be guests who she suspected to be rough characters or involved in drugs.

"I know sometimes I put myself at risk with these people but I don't really care I don't want to live around it" said Wilson.

Her feisty approach has gained her the trust of her guests, as she's become a watchdog of sorts.

"We don't want rif-raf all night long we don't want drugs , if I find theres drugs I'm going to call the police and get them out of here we don't want them" Wilson said.

They regularly patrol hallways and parking areas, and their efforts are paying off with more customers staying at the hotel.

"I'm proud of what we're doing with this hotel, and we're not through yet" said Wilson.

Wilson plans more security improvements in the future.

Bob Hallmark reporting.