Music Mega-Store Opening In Longview

A "one of a kind" experience for music shoppers, complete with a free concert happens Saturday in Longview. Auburns Music Exchange in Longview is set to open its state of the art recording studio, guitar shop and music center. Owner Steve Auburn, who used to play fiddle for Neal McCoy, says the store will give shoppers something they've never seen before in our area.
  "This is truly unique in the fact that we have a lot of different areas of music represented under one roof, you can buy instruments, get instruments custom made, you can take that instrument you had made or anything and step right into the studio and record" said Auburn.
  The Auburn Music Exchange opens tomorrow morning at 10:30 at the old Peters Chevrolet location on Cotton Street. The free concert starts at 5:30 in the parking lot. Performers include American Idol contestant "Jason Horn" , Benjamin McClish and Neal McCoy.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.