Attorney Plans Another Immigration Rally

The attorney who organized Monday's immigration rally in Tyler is planning another demonstration. Jose Sanchez has applied for a permit to hold a rally in Longview on April 30th. Sanchez says he's planning the event because of a May 1st national boycott called the "Day Without Latinos".

Hispanic groups nationwide are asking Latinos not to go to work or school or buy goods and services that day. Sanchez says, however, there are several reasons he wants his rally a day early. "We don't want the kids not to go to school. Number two, we don't want to have a situation such as what has arisen, which is employers firing their employees because they didn't go to work. Another thing, we would probably get a bigger turnout because it would be a family day on a Sunday," said Sanchez.

Sanchez says he filled out the permit with the city of Longview yesterday.  He's waiting on a response from officials.

Oralia Ortega reporting,