In the Kitchen: Super Supper's Meatball Minestrone Soup

Meatball Minestrone Soup

1) Place one bag of meatballs on bag holder

2) Add to bag:

-2 cups red kidney beans with juice

-1 cup diced onions

-1 cup diced tomatoes with juice

-1 cup diced carrots

-1 cup diced celery

-1 cup macaroni

-1 cup spinach

-1/4 cup beef base

-1/4 cup tomato paste

-1 teaspoon Italian herbs

3) Seal and label bag

4) Empty contents into a large saucepan. Add six cups of water (3 cups of half orders) and stir to combine. Bring soup to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes uncovered. Season to taste with salt and pepper.