Wal-Mart Drops Gun Sales In About A Third of U.S. Stores

Wal-Mart has decided to stop selling guns in about a third of its U-S stores.

The world's largest retailer says it's a marketing decision, based on lack of demand in some places.

Spokeswoman Jolanda Stewart says the company will remove firearms from about one-thousand stores and stock other sporting goods instead. She says the decision is part of a strategy for boosting sales by paying closer attention to local differences in demand.

She didn't say which stores will quit selling guns.

Wal-Mart sells rifles and shotguns. In Alaska, it also sells handguns.

The chain, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, has stores in all 50 states. About 12-hundred of them are discount stores and 19-hundred are Supercenters, which include a full grocery section.

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