Four Unsolved, Sexual Assaults Over The Past Year

Four unsolved, sexual assaults have taken place in various locations around Tyler in the last year. The latest assault happened Tuesday night in North Tyler. Around 11:00 p.m., a man claiming to be a Tyler police officer came to the victim's door on Franklin street.

The attacker was armed with a knife, forced his way in, and attacked her. A neighbor of the latest victim says she hopes police catch the man, before he finds another victim.

"It makes you be uncomfortable, because every time you hear a sound, you wonder if you'll be the next victim," said Marilyn Anderson, the victim's neighbor.

Marilyn says she's always been cautious. But even more so, since a sexual assault happened in her new neighborhood Tuesday night. She feels like she has to be prepared to defend herself.

"I carry like a little, thick piece of iron, that you can go to a welding place, where it's really thick. Maybe like 15 or 20 pounds where you can be in control with it," Marilyn said.

Four sexual assaults have happened in Tyler during the past year. The first was last June when a jogger at Rose Rudman park was attacked. A month later, another assault happened at the Salado apartments, formerly named Lexington Downs.

Officer Don Martin, Public information officer, Tyler police department said, "We were able to prove that the DNA in both those instances did match, so we are looking for the same suspect in both of those cases."

The third assault happened on Bois D'Arc street in February. It's in the same vicinity as the latest assault which happened Tuesday night on Franklin street.

"We have collected evidence at both scenes, we don't know if there is any relation at all at this time, and we don't know if there is any relation to these incidence and Rose Rudman," said Officer Don Martin, Public information officer, Tyler police department.

Marilyn says she's taking several precautions to keep her and her daughter safe. "Make sure my windows are secure. Make sure to continue to look behind you, always. Your doors, make sure they're locked. She wants whoever's responsible for these attacks off the street, so she can sleep better at night."

In all of the instances, the attacker is described as a black male, between 20 and 30 years old. Tyler police are warning, if someone comes to your door claiming to be an officer, check for identification, and a squad car. If you're not 100% sure, call the department to verify, before you open the door.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting