Invention Contest Held At Longview University

An unusual competition at a Longview university, geared towards the spirit of ingenuity and some good hearted fun. It was the annual "Rube Goldberg" invention competition at Letourneau university. 4 teams created the devices, which use several complicated twists and turns to accomplish a trivial task, like turning on a light or throwing a baseball. The event is named after a 1920's cartoonist, famous for drawing ridiculous machines. The whole exercise resembles a familiar childs game called "mousetrap".

"You push a button and after a long time maybe it snaps a mousetrap or catches a mouse, the mouse trap game that's what this is based on, a complicated mouse trap game" said Letourneau electronic engineering professor Bill Graff.

The project is a required event for junior students to participate in before moving on to their senior year.