Longview Apartments Practice Crime Watch

An East Texas community is standing up against violence in their neighborhood and refusing to live in fear. Many in South Longview had become fearful to even step out of their front doors because of shooting in the past.

"Fear of getting shot when you walk out your door, fear of getting jumped on when you walk out, fear of saying the wrong thing and scared to tell it" said resident Stacy Myers.

But residents at Ware Meadows Apartments are tired of living in fear, and have decided they will not be held prisoners in their own homes.

"We have innocent children and elderly people we have people who need a place to live that they're not afraid, the more you're afraid the more crimes going to be there, if you let them know I'm not afraid I'm going to fight, be part of the community don't just complain about it" said Ware Meadows manager Paula Perez.

Neighbors regularly patrol the apartments, a 10 p-m curfew is enforced for children, they watch everyone in and out of their complex, and they're keeping a running tab of mug shots of people who've trespassed.

"I feel like we're doing something positive, its not as good as it should be but we're getting there" says apartment resident Milton Henson.

The idea is involvement, and they realize police can't be in their are all the time, so they're doing what they can to make their neighborhood safe.

"Don't be afraid to stand up for where you live and what you feel" says Perez. Bob Hallmark reporting.