Smith County Deputy Resigns

A Smith County Sheriff's Deputy has resigned, just weeks after helping save a fellow officers life. Deputy Brian Allison's resignation comes after an internal investigation into a shooting on Sunday.

Allison was off-duty when he allegedly shot at the tires of a suspected drunk driver. You'll remember Deputy Allison drove DPS Trooper Steven Stone to the hospital after Stone was shot last month.

In his report, he says he felt threatened by the driver.

"Employees have different reasons for leaving he chose to resign and again that doesn't stop the investigation, it will continue on but not within my agency," says Sheriff J.B. Smith.

The investigation was turned over the Texas Ranges after Allison resigned.

Sheriff Smith says if Allison is cleared of the charges, he would be eligible to be re-hired. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DWI and taken to jail.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.