Michael Irvin And Darrell Green Help Texas College Celebrate Athletics

"The Playmaker" was in his element. Michael Irvin was like a king holding court as he glided from fan to fan, talking football, posing for pictures, and signing autographs.  He even signed a Super Bowl hat for our very own resident super fan Joe Terrell.

"Playmaker now," Joe beamed, showing off the signature.  "Playmaker."

But Irvin wasn't alone in the spotlight.  Shadowing him on this night, like so many times before in their rivalry, was Redskins great Darrell Green, a big Texas College supporter.

"We love this school," said Green.  "We love this community, and we love young people, period.  That's sort of why we intersect."

"When God gives you that second chance," Irvin said of the message he planned to send to the athletes, "he didn't just give it to you for anything. It's what yo do with it now. You get it, you learn from it and you go help other kids and that's what we're here tonight to do."

"Having Michael Irvin and Darrell Green, you couldn't ask for better," said Texas College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Dr. Hawkins had a lot to be proud of tonight. He had two NFL greats speak to a room filled with Texas College supporters, who in turn were helping kick start the Steers Scholarship Association. He also had a treasure chest worth of conference championship rings to hand out to the football team.

"The rings that our kids are going to receive tonight won't be quite as big as that Super Bowl ring that Michael Irvin has on his finger tonight," joked Dr. Hawkins, "but it's just a fantastic, and it's turned out great. We really appreciate the community's support."

Irvin and Green produced more than a decade's worth of legendary matchups, with each getting their fair share of the upper hand. They traded barbs and memories of the old days, much to the delight of the crowd. But enough of the old days.  We couldn't let Irvin go without asking him about the present day Cowboys, and what it means to have Terrell Owens now wearing the star.

"All that stuff he did when he was playing for somebody else, he was doing to the Cowboys fans," Irvin reasoned, "now when he does that, he will be doing it for the Cowboys fans, and it's a different thing when you're doing it for them."

With Owens in the lineup, Irvin is making the Cowboys his pick to win the Super Bowl!

Kevin Berns reporting.