Supporters of TISD Teachers Say Punishment Too Harsh

The three parents we talked to have kids attending Bell Elementary. Penny Phillips, whose son is in Angela Nunley's class, says the character of the teachers involved far contrast their actions in the school "roast". "I don't think they did it to be degrading, it was a roast and I think they did it to be funny," says Phillips. Ronna Best and Robyn McCoy have children that have been taught by second grade teacher Wendie Short. "She's done everything at that school. I have never been at Bell Elementary without her being there. Whether it's 7:30 in the morning or 5:30 at night," says Best. "I don't see racism being an issue for any one of the teachers. I just don't see how it can be taken for anything than what it was intended to be, an entertaining skit," says McCoy. What's even more disturbing, these parents says is that what these teachers are being punished for is seen on television all the time. "You can't walk down the street without someone else saying something that's going to offends somebody. Had it depicted Texas A & M Aggies, somebody would have been offended," says McCoy. For these moms this debate will continue. Their kids are already asking about the future of their beloved teachers, that has come to an abrupt end with the Tyler Independent School District. "I'm sure she'll explain it to the kids and say 'yes Miss Short made a mistake, and Miss Peveto and all the other teachers.' But the fact that if you make one mistake should you be penalized for life? No," says Best.

One of the moms tell us TISD should have heard from supporters before they made the decision to let these teachers go. One of them plans on address the school board at its next meeting.

Christine Nelson reporting.