Synergy Park Opens

It's a place for recreation, and a potential boom to the local economy. Today, Kilgore's Synergy Park officially opened to the public. The park is at Elder Lake, just east of Highway 259.

The 512 acres were developed to house multiple 20 acre office building sites. That left plenty of beauty for future tenants, including a lake, complete with walking trails. There's also a pavilion and outdoor fireplace for gatherings. The Amanda  Nobles with the Kilgore Economic Development Corporation hopes the park will attract new businesses and help the city grow.

"As we add tax base, we are able to keep our taxes in line, because we have growth in our tax base. We have jobs for our citizens so they don't have to move, and that is what gives us the greatest pleasure," Nobles said.

Extensive road and bridge work has been done during the parks development. They've also built state-of-the-art communications capabilities, including a tower which will provide wireless high speed internet access.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: