Trash Piles Up For More Than 10 Years

"The cars have probably been here 10 years and it just continues to get worse, there was a trailer house here that burned," says DeWayne Snow, Smith County resident.

DeWayne and Lynn Snow have lived here for almost 15 years. They say for the majority of that time, they have had to look at this mess.

"It affects everybody negatively. Everyone has to look at. Would you want to drive by it on your way home? I certainly don't and most people don't it needs to be taken care of some way," says Snow.

He says they share a property line and the trash sometimes crosses the line. "They have left the sewer pipes, the trash thrown. Some of it actually is on my place. It's a mess the whole thing is trash," says Snow.

We called Smith County Environmental Investigator, Danny Brasher about the problem. He says this property does fall within the public nuisance law and went to see the property owner.

"The property is in pretty bad shape and does need abatement. They are willing to remove the junk vehicles and burned trailer so I really don't see a problem with it, but we will do a follow up on it and if nothing has been done a citation will be issued," says Sergeant Brasher.

"I would love to see it get cleaned up. If they could get rid of the cars, get the old trailer house torn down and get it cleaned up a little bit that would be great," says Snow.

DeWayne says it will make the whole neighborhood look better.

Sergeant Brasher says the property owner has 10 days to get the trash cleaned up. If they don't get rid of the cars, trash and burned trailer.. they will be issued fines. Those fines could range up to $500 per car.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.