Five Elementary School Teachers Under Fire After Controversial Skit

Five teachers will not return to a Tyler elementary school next year, after putting on a "skit" deemed racially insensitive.

The five teachers work at Bell Elementary Global Communications Academy. Four of those teachers resigned, and the fifth one was fired.

Tyler Independent School District says the women who participated in the skit, said and did during things in the performance that were no laughing matter.

T.I.S.D. Superintendent Dr. David Simmons, describes this incident as disappointing. "There's just consequences for that actions and things we won't tolerate in school district."

On March 29th, teachers at Bell Elementary were holding an- after school celebration, when a skit was performed, called a "roast". "It depicted and portrayed the teacher from Ramey acting unprofessional and it portrayed the students as unruly and unmotivated,"

When KLTV 7's Christine Nelson asked about the skit involving a hair weave, speaking in hip hop lingo, Dr. Simmons responded,"That's fairly accurate, I'm not sure about all the costumes but I can tell you that some of the language and dialect used was culturally insensitive and inappropriate."

Dr. Simmons would not release the teachers names in the skit, but would confirm that they are 2nd grade teachers.

We learned those teachers are Wendie Short, Melissa Peveto, Angela Nunley and Melissa Steddum. A fifth faculty member, Christina Jontra, was terminated by the school district.

Dr. Simmons said they were tipped off, after someone who watched the "roast," and complained to administration. He said he is unsure why Ramey students and teachers were targeted.

"I think these are all good people involved in this, I just think for whatever reason they exercised a poor case of judgement," Dr. Simmons said.

The five teachers will finish out the school year which ends at the end of next month.